Choose your own reality and finally


EFFORTLESSLY and NATURALLY – all while using your own innate power.

The LAST LOA method you’ll ever need.

Choose your own reality and finally


EFFORTLESSLY and NATURALLY – all while using your own innate power.

The LAST LOA method you’ll ever need.

While doing all the reading you can possibly consume on manifestation and the Law of Attraction, you suddenly realize there’s one overarching theme to it all —— VISUALIZATION.

You’ve decided it’s about time to take this visualization step for a test drive – for real this time.

Why not, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, right?

So, you grab the essentials: you light a candle, burn some sage, take your favorite clear quartz and sit down with the BEST intentions. You’re ready to go.

Dream beach house along the coast, here you come!

There’s just one problem…

Once you get started, all that happens is, well… nothing!

All you end up seeing is black behind your eyelids. You can’t see any pictures!  

Then the thoughts begin to flood in…

“What’s wrong with me?”

“What am I missing?”

“Why does it seem like others are manifesting EVERYTHING they want so easily?”

“Without this, how am I supposed to manifest my truest desires?”

“Maybe this new age manifestation crap isn’t for me after all…”

Sound familiar?

Let me calm your fears!

Manifestation is absolutely for you and there is nothing to be concerned about!


And whether you’re a person that can see images or not, it actually doesn’t matter!

Because we ALL have the ability to FEEL whenever we think about something. And it’s the feeling that magnetizes you towards your desire, not any sort of images! 


Visualization is not a visual experience at all!
(PHEW, right!?)

Visualizing is simply the ability to use your imagination!!!!

Research shows that it is your mind, not your eyes, that actually sees.

Most people take the word “seeing” too literally when it comes to visualization. But think of it like this:

Can you remember what your favorite blouse looks like?

Or that swanky hotel you would give your right toe to stay at?

This is seeing with your imagination!

You don’t actually see with your eyeballs, they are just a sensory apparatus.  Your visual cortex is what creates an imaginal perception in your mind!

What you think you see is actually constructed by your imagination. 

You also imagine information coming from all of your senses, sound, smell, taste, touch, emotions, and feelings.

This is what makes you human!

Your imagination has specific frequencies and wave forms that influence the quantum field.  

It’s your imagination that sends out the messages to the Universe and your feelings are the ones that magnetize it back to you.

…and your imagination is what determines what you will manifest on to the physical plane.

Visualization is actually just a thought, layered with sensory experiences.

The reason imagination is pinned as “visualization” is because your subconscious only thinks in picture form.

Have you ever noticed when speaking to someone they often look up or to the side to “imagine” what you’re saying?

They are visualizing what you are saying! You do it. Everyone does it.


You do not actually create your reality.
You select it — with your imagination.


Everything already exists as energy, meaning everything has already been created!

So now all you have to do to become a magnet to your desires is to use your imagination to FEEL your desires before you actually have them!

But how?

I know right now, the ability to build realities that don’t exist seems downright IMPOSSIBLE.

Those obstacles start to creep up….

“I don’t know EXACTLY what to imagine…”

“What if I don’t know what my desire actually FEELS like?”

“I’ve NEVER been married or had a million dollars so how can I feel it…?”

What if I told you I’ve created something that will IGNITE your ability to manifest fluidly?

What if you could experience and FEEL your ideal future right now?

What if I told you that you REALLY DO have the ability to collapse your current reality and defy time and space?

Could this be your secret weapon for manifesting the future you’ve always pictured in your mind?

Imagine if you could completely bypass:

  • Negative thoughts
  • Resistance
  • Contradicting belief systems
  • Limiting programs
  • Negative vibes from daily stress
  • Anxiety and worry

And fully eliminate the need for:

  • Making up a story or a pretend conversation to just “evoke the feeling”
  • Reprogramming
  • Lengthy time requirements
  • Getting yourself in the “correct” state
  • Meditation
  • Hypnosis
  • Affirmations
  • Vision boards
  • Hundreds of manifestation techniques

The answer for all of this is simple, with STORY ALCHEMY

Does it feel as though the more you focus on manifestation, the more time goes on without having manifested anything at all? 

Or even worse, do you feel like you keep recreating your past?

From one conscious manifestor to another,

  1. Second-guessing the “right” way to visualize 
  2. Wasting time doing all the techniques with no tangible reward
  3. Seeing and living in a reality that doesn’t match what’s in your mind 
  4. Not having enough time in the day to focus on your desires
  5. Trying to figure out how to use your imagination  
  6. Wasting money on yet another program promising THE way to get what you want 
  7. Trying to meditate effectively
  8. Getting caught up in the web of “information gathering” predicament 
  9. Trying to stay high vibe all day despite your current reality 
  10. Shadow work that feels like  a never-ending rabbit hole
  11. Feeling like external events have control over you


When you’re too wiped out at the end of the day to consciously manifest, you end up quitting before you start.

From a fellow conscious manifestor, who has been exactly where you are, I’m here to help.

The MAIN reason you’re repelling your manifestations is that…

You are consciously trying too hard.

You are ACTIVATING the LAW OF REVERSED EFFECT aka REPELLING YOUR MANIFESTATIONS because you are trying to manifest consciously when in fact, it all needs to be done unconsciously. BOOM.

The Law of Reversed Effect states; “The greater the conscious effort, the less the subconscious response” or understood another way:

“Whenever the will (conscious mind) and imagination (subconscious) are in conflict, the imagination (subconscious) always wins.”

So how do you…

1.  Enter into the subconscious mind without a fight?

2.  Effortlessly elicit feelings in alignment with your desires?

3.  Make your belief systems become your servant?

4.  Activate your dormant capabilities (aka IMAGINATION)

5.  Create heart brain coherence?

6.  Activate new memories for your subconscious mind to create from (in other words, stop recreating from the past)?

The answer…

A seemingly magical process of transformation and creation.

Definition of 

Story Alchemy:

“Science and ancient wisdom that gives energy a tangible form… where feeling is believing.”

FEELING is believing… build it in your subconscious; feel it, and it will come!

Bypass the conscious mind and enter into the field of all potential realities just BY PUSHING PLAY.

So if feeling is the secret, and we are already natural creatures of feeling, why are most people manifesting what they don’t want?

Allow me to explain…

Most people end up throwing in the towel before they even start.

Well, because…LIFE GETS IN THE WAY

It was a pizza-at-the-office-for-dinner kind of day
There’s three loads of laundry to do when you get home
You need to wake up early for an important meeting
The kids need their lunches made
That thing called “free time” doesn’t really exist anymore…


It takes so much time to…

Calm yourself down enough from the hectic day

Talk yourself into being in a wonderful place

Get yourself in theta or alpha state

Recall or makeup a story or pretend conversation

Evoke the “feeling”

Establish heart brain coherence

  • After a long day the brain is in high beta waves (flight or fight mode)
  • The imagination muscle is inactive
  • Heart frequencies are closed off


Experience what creation feels like every single day, not just when you feel like you need to muster enough energy.

Imagine being able to…

Listen to energetic creative stories that are designed to quickly get you into the “state” and are aligned with your desires…stories that sound like you’re in a movie playing the lead role, and activate all of your senses to bring in the most powerful connection to the Universe…

Can you imagine the things you could create in your life if you had a deliberate story like this?

What if you could feel your future right now just by throwing on a pair of headphones?

STORY ALCHEMY uses energetic creative stories to….

Activate your imagination, which is your innate power to create your desire

Decrease cortisol levels —–Changes your brain waves from the high-beta (AKA stressed to the max) down to a more relaxed state

Embed memories of the future into your cells by accessing different brain states and feelings

Give a command to the Universe —-Summons the Universe to fulfill your innermost desires

Program NEW memories —Changes your brain to make it look like it’s already occurred by rehearsing the future

Change the molecular structure of your body using positive words

Override disempowering and limiting belief patterns

Anti-aging —- Lengthens telomeres

Raise your vibration —- Hearing (sound) connects to every organ in your body naturally raising your vibration

Create heart coherence

You’ve experienced being able to cry or laugh out loud while watching a movie or reading a book.

Movies and books are simply stories. Story has the power to elicit feelings out of nowhere. But why do we feel so much more engaged when we hear a narrative about events?

It’s quite simple.

If we listen to a Powerpoint presentation with boring bullet points, ONLY the language parts in the brain get activated such as Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area…

But when we are told a story, things change DRAMATICALLY.

Not only are the language processing parts of our brain activated, but the areas we would use when EXPERIENCING the events of the story are, too.

AND THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND BELIEVES STORY! It doesn’t know the difference between real or imagined.

We think in narratives all day long. We make up (short) stories in our heads for every action and conversation.

With the use of story, your FEELINGS are engaged when you see yourself as the lead in the story. It’s like you’re seeing the story happen through your own eyes and hearing it with your own ears. The experience of the story allows you to connect to your innate human ability to feel. And feeling is what will communicate what you want OR what you don’t want to the Universe.

We put so much focus on manifesting, and it can feel so hard.

But really, we’re creating all the time. It’s something we do every day without effort.

The SECRET is to consciously direct your energy with STORY ALCHEMY.

If you’re not finding it easy to manifest right now…

It’s not going to change unless you change something about your approach.

Otherwise, you’re living the definition of insanity.

Instead, find freedom in YOUR ability to create anything you want with STORY ALCHEMY.

Story Alchemy bundles everything up in the most energetic way by using a magic carpet to weave you in and out of different realities effortlessly.


I’m Maggie

And I’m your person…

to show you how to take back your power over your reality. The truth is, you are Divinity having a human experience. You are pure energy underneath the meat suit you experience life in. The Key is to learn how to direct this energy with your imagination to create the things you truly desire. I’m here to help you use your human features effortlessly so you can experience a life you are freaking excited to live in. Every. Single. Day.

This is YOUR world and there is nothing in it that is unavailable to you.


What can be more fun than choosing your reality and seeing how it unfolds in front of the eyes of the only beholder, main antagonist, and creator — YOU?

You do not have to fight for happiness. You simply have to choose an alternate reality that is more to your liking.

Managing your destiny comes down to one single thing — MAKING THE CHOICE.

Are you ready to collapse your desires into reality and make the quantum jump?

Do you want to be a victim of fate or the hero of your own destiny?


  • Put your vision into reality
  • Effortlessly collapse your desires into your reality
  • Go from a place of force (lack) to power (abundance)
  • Stimulate higher frequencies in your body
  • Experience your own innate healing power
  • Experience financial abundance
  • Connect with your soulmate
  • Achieve your personal goals
  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Succeed in business
  • Be the hero of your own story

In more details

When you join STORY ALCHEMY membership, each month you’ll receive:

LIBRARY OF quantum energetic storIES

$5,000+ value

Get Instant Access to the existing library of stories, with a new story added each month. Every story includes a story companion. This is a guide that includes a synopsis of your story, as well as journal prompts that keep you connected to your story.

The Emotional Visualization template

$97 value

A fun and creative visualization tool that will help keep you organized and focused on your intentions, activate your creative feminine energy, and keep your energy in a high vibrational state.

This is similar to a vision board but YOU are the highlight. Have you ever read an editorial in one of your favorite magazines? The editorial is a highlight of a specific person. This is YOUR editorial that you will be creating.

A monthly ritual from my shamanic teachings

$47 value

Access to the "Signs and Sync" private FB community


Participation in our monthly live Q&A in our private FB community

$197 value


Access to our mini-course “Create Your Quantum Story” including its detailed workbook

$297 value

Menu of Stories

When you join the Quantum Story membership, you’ll have instant access to 10 stories, with new stories being added each month.

Corridors of Being (50 minutes)

Peel away the iron claw of disempowering beliefs that *somehow* permeated your every move. Replace them with new, powerful quantum belief seeds and watch as a lush forest of new reality grows and supplies oxygen to your soul.

…Imagine finding yourself on a road detour and notice a small backpack next to you.  It’s filled with everything you will need for this trip.  The detour leads to a building…you find yourself inside of “Corridors Motel,” not at all what you expected.  You are led through a quantum process by your guide, Source, that cleanses you of all of your disempowering beliefs and activates powerful beliefs in their place. 

Forgiveness (30 minutes)

Living every day with regret and resentment is absolutely intolerable. Experience truly letting go of a person or situation that’s suffocating you and keeping you from enjoying even the things you used to enjoy. Experience the lightness of “being” again and put a stop to re-creating a past you are ready to move on from. 

…Imagine going down a spiral staircase to a hospital bed….your hospital bed.  Your loved ones nearby.  It’s your last day in this incarnation.  You get the chance to forgive whomever and let go of anything you’ve been holding onto before your energy transitions…


Clarity (10:30 minutes)

How many different directions can life pull you until you just… snap? Family, jobs, money, obligations, health… the list goes on and on. What you want seems insignificant — you gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Bills need to be paid. 

But hold on for a moment. Can you see what’s really important and what you’re doing just for the sake of doing? Do you need to carry the weight of everyone else around you? What do you want?  Let’s be honest, getting clear on what you want is not an easy endeavor in the least.  And quite frankly getting clear on what you want is the first step to becoming a powerful manifestor.  Let Clarity connect you to your higher self that knows exactly what it is that your heart truly desires. 

…Imagine taking a ride up an elevator leaving behind what no longer serves you at each floor.  Feeling incredibly light at the top floor, you finally get to feel what your heart truly desires.  Unbound by the ego, you know exactly what it is you want. 

Abundance Activation (18:30)

Why do some people do well financially but you’re still struggling with the basics? Are they simply more “lucky” in life? Or do they have a “secret” you don’t know about? Could it be that you’re unknowingly resisting opportunities by being vibrationally closed off?

Becoming a vibrational match to your desire is required for making your dreams become your reality.  What you want is just responding to your vibration and frequency.  Activate your abundance code and become a vibrational match to your desire. 

…Imagine embarking on a journey into a vast garden only to meet a money tree.  Your encounter with the money tree expands your energy field to attract unlimited abundance.  The Universe chooses you to be a channel for this abundant energy…to work through you.  

Release (9 minutes)

People tell you, “Just let go of things that don’t serve you.” You’d be very happy to ditch your sack you’ve been carrying around for decades with stuff you’ve picked up along the way.  With it, you’re dragging yourself around life always feeling beaten up. It feels’ like a ton of bricks were unfairly superglued to your shoulders. But nobody’s telling you the how…

…Imagine your’re on a planet and your gravitational force has been holding onto too much “stuff” that’s been making you feel heavy and burdened.  After realizing that you can just turn off your gravity, you experience what it feels like to not need to hold onto these rocks or the concepts.  What needs to stay will stay.  What needs to go, will go, so long as you don’t cling to it.  A lesson is letting go of the “how.” 

Soulmate (24 minutes)

“Chance Encounters at the Bookstore”: 

Attract your ideal soulmate by realizing there are no chance encounters at all. One small, insignificant event can change the axis of your entire existence. Bring awareness to all things happening around you because the person you are looking for is also looking for you.

…Imagine what first seems like an experience of deja vu turns into a colliding of realities.  Chance Encounters is by no chance at all.  There are no coincidences, what you want, wants you.  This is a love story that transcends all time by feeling worthy of love.  Then and only then, love finds you. 

Weight Loss (19 minutes)

If you’re anything like the rest of the world, you’ve probably spent the last decade going from one diet to another and swearing the one you’re doing right now is the last one you’ll ever need. We all do that, by the way. But just because you think you failed, it doesn’t mean you haven’t succeeded. Every failed attempt is a testimony of your persistence and your ideal body weight and shape is more possible than you can possibly imagine. Use this Story to make weight loss effortless for you.  Not only imagine what that looks like but also get the chance to feel what walking around in your ideal body feels like.  

…Imagine waking up feeling energized for the day. Feel what it feels like to feel good both naked and with clothes on. In “Weight loss” you will get to feel what it feels like to love your body and effortlessly stay at a weight that makes you feel good.  Become the gatekeeper of your body and soul, and you’ll never struggle with weight issues again. 

Successful Coaching Business (19:30 minutes)

There comes a time in your life when you’ve found clarity and you’ve peeled away the layers and exposed your authentic self. You’ll only want to spend the rest of your days doing things and working with people that support your authentic way of living. 

…Imagine the ever so sweet feeling of success. You know exactly what it feels like to have all of the pieces working perfectly together because this is your life. Taking the morning off to attend a mastermind, weekly leisure breakfasts without having to be somewhere else, and peaceful morning yoga sessions instead of the crowded 6pm ones are just a few of perks of working from home on your already successful coaching business….


Unexpected Check

Having to find the $ to pay the bills is an undeniable reality — unless you live in a hut somewhere in deepest darkest Peru. In which case, you probably don’t need this Story because you already manifested your dream reality. For everyone else, creating a reality of abundance is hard when the reality of the day to day grind is slapping you in the face. 

…Imagine you’re elated as you drive to the bank to cash a very large check you unexpectedly found in your mailbox.  You get to feel what it feels like to have an overflow of money in your bank account and that lightness and confidence that comes with it.  Your friend beams with excitement for you at brunch.  Who will pay the bill… ?

Beach Vacation (19:00 minutes)

You really need this vacation. Not only because you promised your loved one you’d make it happen last year and you’ve already had to disappoint them once… but you, yourself need to transport yourself somewhere you can recharge your cells and reconnect with the person you really are — that fun loving, adventurous quantum soul that’s gone into hiding (somewhere underneath your skin) because life’s happened and someone’s got to pay the bills. 

…Imagine the sun casting a warm, orange glow through your lazily closed eyelids. You stretch luxuriously, feeling the big beach towel wrinkle under you slightly, and open your eyes.  The sky above is blue and cloudless; when you sit up, the sea stretches before you all the way to the horizon. It’s that incredibly clear, blue-green color you thought only adorned postcards before you went on this trip. But no, that gorgeous water really exists in nature. Who knew…so this is what it feels like to vacation on an exotic island….

Total investment without membership: $5638

Your Investment: only $77/month

After checkout, you’ll get instant access to the library of Quantum Stories. New stories are added each month! 

You cannot create anything without first creating it in your imagination.

“Imagination is the capacity to make quantum leaps and see realities that have not yet been created. It’s the capacity, when deployed, to invent those new realities.” ~Neville Goddard

Plus, you’ll be backed by…


I’m so passionate about partnering with you to create your new reality, and want to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to give a confident “yes”.

Enter the Unbound Guarantee.

Take 30 days and immerse yourself daily in your choice of a story from the Story Alchemy Library.

If after listening to your chosen story for a month, completing the Emotional Visualization template, and getting your q’s answered on the live coaching calls you still don’t feel you have the insight, clarity, or powerful quantum seeds needed to create your new reality while saving yourself frustration on other, questionable methods…

Simply email our team at [email protected] with your completed Emotional Visualization template within 7 days of wrapping up your first month, and I’ll hit “undo” on this whole “let’s start living life like never before” experiment.

“Revolutionary really…other than Netflix there is nothing available to listen to that will guide your senses into connecting to what you are intentionally manifesting…listening to the story is like feeling the most beautiful dance between the Universe and your soul. My first story was a shadow story, Corridors of Being…what an experience! All of my senses were instantly activated from the very beginning. I personally think this is the best story to start with. The story relinquished me from what I thought I had fear about and transformed it into a new belief. The guide…the dream tonic…all of it…quite an incredible experience. I truly feel like I’ve been rid of the things that were holding me back…I’m a new person.”


It’s SO easy to manifest what I want now!  The stories have taken  all of the work out of combining everything I know about manifesting.  I don’t have to do anything but sit back and let the stories activate my creative powers.  I have a big corporate job and only have the weekends to concentrate on intentional manifesting.  These stories have changed that for me.  I am now able to create new things into my life whilst before life seemed to pass me by without anything new happening in my life…Groundhogs Day.  Thank you!


Before these stories I felt like I was trying ridiculously hard to use all of the techniques I’ve learned from youtube and courses I’ve taken to lose weight.  Not only do I feel better about myself after listening to the Weight Loss Story, I’ve had motivation to eat more healthy and workout.  Which was like torture before.  I’ve lost 5lbs since beginning the stories 2 weeks ago.  This is HUGE for me because I haven’t been able to lose not even a pound in the past year.   Wait, but the best part is that I met a man!  Something I didn’t even expect out of this!  Thank you so much for creating these stories.  I feel like I’ve hit the lotto haha.


If you’re ready to wake up tomorrow and start…

  • Taking responsibility for your thoughts

  • Planting the seeds for creation and let highly relevant and vivid quantum stories take out the guesswork

  • Skipping the confusion and overwhelm by plugging yourself into Story Alchemy which has been carefully crafted from the ground up to get you a steady flow of never-fail-to-amaze-you wins.

Then I can’t wait to meet you inside the members’ area of Story Alchemy.

~ Maggie

Burning Q’s

That your fellow conscious creators, frustrated law of attraction practitioners, and people with a big dream asked before saying “yes’ to inviting Story Alchemy into their daily practice.

Q. I want to do this, but I’ve already done soooo many similar programs. How is Story Alchemy any different from the law of attraction methods out there?

I hear you.

We’ve all gone to bed and woken up, cuddled next to dream boards.

Visualized beautiful meadows and happy places to death.

And feel like adding “just one more small thing” to the never-ending how-to-attract-new-things-in-life list would wreck this entire game of human experience we’ve involuntarily subscribed to.

But here’s the thing…

Story Alchemy, or the “just one more small thing” is like the Chrome extension someone told you about ages ago, and now that you finally gave in and installed it, you tell everyone what a life changer it is.

To use a hyper-specific tool or not. That’s only a dilemma if you let it be one.

If you know right now that “living your dream” isn’t happening and disappointments are only piling up, then I insist you find a fresh way — any other way — of consciously creating your reality.

From my end, I PROMISE to spare you from any impractical fluff or theoretical brain dumps.

Meaning, every hour you invest in participating and listening to your quantum stories will have an exponential payoff.

As a time-starved seeker of an improved reality, exploring relevant and proven methods is still the smartest way to invest your energy.

Q. I’m already spending my evenings visualizing, journaling, going through my dream board. Are you going to ask me to spend MORE time on this?

Fear not.

Story Alchemy sessions are 20-40 minutes long. No lengthy prep, warm-up, cool down, or extra props. Put your headphones on and press play. In half an hour you’re done, ready to go about your life.

I don’t want you to spend any more of your time on this than it’s necessary. I want you to spend less time with closed eyes and more time awake. Choose an alternative reality that’s more to your liking and allow good things to happen AS you live your life.

Meaning, using hyper-relevant narratives that both your subconscious and the Universe understand cuts down the time you need to spend on the how and increases the time to experience the what.

Q. If manifestation is natural, innate to all of us, and it *really* works, why aren’t we all rich with perfect jobs and relationships?

Good question.

Here is a hammer and some wood. Can you build an intricate cabinet? I mean, logic to comprehend the instruction manual and the physical ability to strike a hammer is already innate and we all *should* be able to just call upon them?  


Without a mentor, understanding relevant scientific laws to your problem and daily practice, you could attempt crafting something… and blame it on the hammer when there’s nothing to show for it at the end.


The energetic seeds Quantum Stories plant in your subconscious need regular nourishment from you. This is foundational (and necessary) for ANY conscious creation.


Unfortunately, it’s also the step that most people will skip.


This is your invitation to build the sound foundation, and pillars needed to create effortlessly.

Q. I’ve made up and listened to dozens of stories and guided meditation sessions. How are these Quantum Stories any different?

So have I, and I’ve learned an incredible amount from them.

My mission here is science and outcome-based:

Use the power of fictional narratives, as a vehicle, to untie yourself from limitations (conscious and unconscious) so that you can take charge of your own reality rather than just being an observer.

Don’t just work ON your dreams. BE the hero of your dreams.

No theories, imagining beautiful meadows, or having a pretend dialogue with people who have wronged you from me. 

Just a library of 12 masterfully crafted Quantum Stories infused with energetic components that speak the language of your subconscious and the Universe. 

They entice your brain so it can’t help but respond. They get you up and running, performing at an advanced conscious creation level ASAP.

Q. I don’t feel like I’m any good at this. I’ve tried already. Are you sure I should learn more about this?


Conscious creation is a LEARNABLE skill. And contrary to popular belief, you’re not supposed to know how to do it “out of the box”.

In fact, the skills that got you to where you are now, may or may not have prepared you to take responsibility for your thoughts as someone in charge would.

But here’s the kicker:

No matter HOW much temporary discomfort or self-doubt you may be experiencing right now, as a human, I believe you were BORN to learn and create.

That’s why I’ve designed every aspect of Story Alchemy to help you unlock and activate this innate and natural capacity effortlessly.

By the time you’ve gone through the entire Story Alchemy Library and all 12 Quantum Stories infused with elements that would otherwise take you a decade to put together in a way that engages your subconscious quickly and efficiently, you’ll not only be at the helm of a thriving existence, but you’ll feel more fully qualified as the leader of your reality you were born to live.

Q: Are you telling me it’s going to take me up to a year to improve my life?


I’m suggesting that you allow the idea of making Quantum Stories part of your daily routine and be open and receptive to the slight changes and shifts in your behavior as you’re freeing yourself from unnecessary limitations you’ve placed on yourself by repeating your OLD stories.

You’ve been repeating your old stories for decades. They serve no one. You’ll need to give the new stories some time to filter through to your subconscious and reach the match-making department of the Universe.

You’re Ready to Create your New Reality Effortlessly if…

You’re just getting started with your conscious creation efforts, and want to make sure you absolutely NAIL IT right out of the gates by using only the most powerful, easy-to-follow, and “what really works” approach.

You’ve been trying to change your reality for months (or even years), but haven’t attracted the new reality you were hoping for (a handful of successes here or there)… and the wins you DID have been nothing more than free coffee, parking spaces, green traffic lights, or a promotion that came because someone moved on, anyway.

You already KNOW that you must understand how thoughts, feelings, and emotions are key to all this. You know the basic rules of conscious creation and have a good idea about how they slot together.

You have no problem setting aside 20-50 minutes daily as long as you know that every bit of energy you invest is a strategic and meaningful step forward in taking responsibility for your thoughts and your reality.

In fact, you’re ALREADY investing time and energy doing things like reading books and blog posts, watching videos, spending time on your meditation cushion, and other things you keep hearing you “need” to be doing.

Only problem is, without a proven strategy that ties them all together, you’ve experienced nothing but discouraging “why do I even bother” results, followed by crippling overwhelm around what to do next.

You care about where you’re going to get the energy you need to gather this much energy daily for intense focus. You are skeptical if you can humanly gather any more focus on so many elements for creating a story unique to you.

After a long day, your brain is permanently in high beta (flight or fight mode). Your heart frequency is closed off and your imagination muscle is inactive. All you can think is: 

Who should say what when you visualize? Should there even be a dialogue? Are you in the story? Do you have to be? Or are you just observing it?

That’s why you’ll appreciate how Story Alchemy gently nudges you ahead by taking away the guesswork for what exactly should you be thinking about and how. 

(Hello vivid colorful narratives that put you in an extended state of wonder for the rest of the day)… without getting too esoteric, or making things inaccessible or confusing for those doing it all for the first time.

You’re aware of all the possibilities that will open up once you have an effortless and natural way at your fingertips to choose your new reality on demand.

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It’s simple. Either you do the work and experience more abundance and unexpected wins in the next 30 days than you had in the ENTIRE year of 2020… or you shoot me a quick message asking to hit undo on this whole “let’s be done with old stories running your life” experiment.

If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 6 of the 9 points above, then I absolutely CANNOT wait to meet you as a member inside Story Alchemy.

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Pardon The Cliche, but…


The only thing you risk right now is spending another second living your life without the influence of the right narratives to your dreams. Ones that take your imagination and feelings and guide them with total confidence and precision toward your desired outcome.