My signature cosmic manifesting program  

Creatrix 1 on 1 Private Coaching

Create a life that vibrates with attraction.   

My signature cosmic manifesting program

Creatrix 1 on 1 Private Coaching 

Create a life that vibrates with attraction of your unique self.

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This is a ‘personalized’ Creatrix coaching experience.

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Entrepreneur, mystic, evolutionary astrologist, and psychotherapist.

Using my knowledge from both the physical and spiritual realms, I have created wild abundance in both mine and my clients lives. 

Living the highest expression of myself, having the most fun raising consciousness and changing the paradigm of the world.

What makes my way of teaching manifesting unique? 

My methods are far from “woo woo.” 

I combine Evolutionary Astrology, the language of your soul, with the Art of Manifestation. There is a science to creation and I’ve hacked to code.   

Manifestation truly gets to be easy when you are able to embody the highest expression of yourself. 


“LIFE CHANGING!  The ability to go through such a life transformation is priceless!  I felt so lost trying to manifest my desires for YEARS without success. Fortunately, Maggie came into my life like a genie and helped me to become what I wanted to attract. No coincidences!  This was the game changer!  Maggie’s insight and expertise resonated with my inner being and knowingness like no other.  I raised my vibration, increased my energy, and manifested my soulmate amongst so many other things!  I highly recommend her and the program Creatrix to anyone that wants to manifest an aligned AF life!”


Creatrix is your Jedi training in manifestation.  It’s the WHOLE package, your code to creation to become a POWERFUL manifestor so that you can shift your reality into your dream life.

To be a Creatrix is to be a woman who is deeply connected to herself and to the feminine Source of Creative power.  She gives rise to desires, gives birth to ideas and life of all kinds.  She dreams courageously and trusts so deeply in the intrinsic co-creative connection she shares with the Divine.  She is the guardian and protector of the magical essence of life.  She is everywhere, in everything, and she, my dear sister, is YOU.

Don’t waste another minute postponing the feeling of having an unequivocal KNOWING that you have the ability to bend reality and knowing HOW to.

The MAGICAL part of life is that you don’t have to live a story that’s already been written.

You can’t put a value on it because the value is your life. You get your life back by living your deepest desires.

If you have read up until this point, you are clearly being drawn to this experience.  Trust that instinct.  It is your heart, mind, and soul seeking the tools to redefine themselves. Your intuition will never lead you astray.

Most people never truly LIVE their lives.  Their days are stuck on autopilot and they never get to feel the magical charge that comes from being truly happy and in complete alignment with their soul.  

This is such a tragedy and disservice to your Self because it is your birthright to live a life full of abundance, joy, love, and meaning.  You have EVERYTHING you need within you to manifest your heart’s desires.

The Universe wants to give you EVERYTHING your heart desires.  It’s an immutable law!  

With the powerful guidance of the Creatrix experience you will be able to manifest anything you want with ease. 

Become the highest expression of yourself and create wild prosperity!


Don’t postpone your magic. 
You are worth it. 

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